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If you love the outdoors, there’s plenty to do in the region. Right here in Phelps County you’ll find a YMCA, bowling alley, movie theater, restaurants, 800-seat performing arts theater, two golf courses, many parks, swimming pools, and yes, even sky-diving.

GO! Home Programs

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If you are employed in Phelps County and are not a current resident, we want you to be part of one of our great communities. These are the PCDC programs that can help make that happen:

Downpayment Matching Grant Program

  • Matching grants for down payment on a home purchase with participating area employers.
  • Up to $5,000 per qualifying unit.
  • Program is directed at employed commuters or new residents to Phelps County. 

More coming soon...

Contact PCDC for more information or to see if you qualify for one of our NEW GO! Home Programs. (308) 995-4148